Bulk Fuel

Liberty Indervon is proud to offer a full range of quality fuels to suit all vehicle types, including: Diesel, OPAL and Premium Unleaded 95.

With today’s competitive fuel markets dominated by large multi-national corporations, it’s good to know you still have the freedom of choice. Liberty Indervon, as your local fuel distributor, is a real alternative to dealing with the major oil companies.

Liberty Indervon offers a wide array of services and capabilities across Central Australia. We customise our approach for each customer and are happy to work with you to find the right solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 1000 ltr or 120,000 ltr delivery, you will receive the same service at a competitive price

The Alice Springs depot has bulk fuel storage facilities and operates several tankers to transport fuel as required. At Liberty Indervon, we specialise in adapting our scheduling to meet our customer's requirements for standard orders, and striving to meet those urgent and unforeseen fuel needs.

Fuels; 1,000 Ltr to 120,000 Ltr. Diesel, Opal, Premium Unleaded 95.

Oils; 20 Litres, 205 Litres, 1000 litre IBC

Greases; 12 x 450g Tubes, 20 kg Drums, 55 kg Drums, 180 kg Drums

On Site Refuelling; Earthmoving Equipment, Transport Vehicles, Generators and Pumps, Industrial Machinery, Mobile Tanks and Storage Facilities.

Contact the Liberty Indervon Bulk Team on 08 8952 2465 or email scheduler@indervon.com.au